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Tariq's Shell picture book

Tariq's Shell picture book

Tariq's Shell is a picture book aimed at children aged 3 years-old to 6 years-old. It is written by Changing Behaviour UK director, Clare Edmondson.


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The picture book is an important message about identity, acceptance and kindness and follows Tariq the tortoise on a quest to find a new shell because he feels that his own shell is uncomfortable. The story is filled with humour and is a story that little ones will be laughing over, while learning an important lesson about identity. It is filled with identity, acceptance and pants...

Not only does Tariq’s Shell and toy set help children to understand and think about their own identify and other’s identity but it represents and celebrates characters with differences, including those with a stammer.

Wooden toys created to complement the book

Tariq with toys

The book also has a set of handmade wooden toys which can be purchased from


"I really enjoyed the story. I really like the fact the the stammering is there but is not the focus of the story. That is so refreshing. Thank you, I think it's a great idea." Peter Wright (parent of child with speech and language needs).

"The children really enjoyed the story. It is suitable for younger children as well as older as there isn’t a massive amount of writing on each page. The story gives several messages across. It’s ok to be different, be yourself, inclusivity, sharing and it’s also has light hearted humour which makes the children laugh and keeps them engaged. I loved the bit when the sheep continued to dance in his pants as his coat was turned into a scarf. Lots of things to learn from a story that can be easily memorised by young children, so they can join in." Rachel Louise (owner of Edutray LTD).


£7.99 plus Royal Mail postage. Contact us ( for bulk discounts.