The websites and publications listed below are packed with useful resources which (I hope!) you may find beneficial… Let me know if there are any other resources you recommend and would like me to add to the list!

Gareth Pitchford’s Primary Resources – Free lesson plans, activity ideas and resources for primary teachers. This website has a HUGE bank of useful resources for teachers covering all subjects in the curriculum.

Team-Teach – Bespoke de-escalation and positive handling training for children, young people and adults services, ranging from pre- school to elderly care. Changing Behaviour is able to deliver Team-Teach trainings for your school!

TES Classroom Behaviour – Improve your behaviour management skills to maximise learning in your lessons. From free behaviour-tracking wall charts and praise stickers available for you to download to tips and tricks from TES behaviour adviser Tom Bennett, TES have got everything you need to create and implement an excellent behaviour strategy.

Teach Primary – SEN behaviour management for children with ADHD. Most estimates state that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is accompanied by Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in about 40% of cases.

Classroom Behaviour: A Practical Guide To Effective Teaching, Behaviour Management And Colleague Support – Bill Rogers

This book looks at the issues facing teachers working in today’s classrooms. Describing real situations and dilemmas, Bill (an experienced teacher and education consultant) offers advice on dealing with the challenges of the job, and how building up a rapport with both students and colleagues can support good practice.

PAC-UK’s Education Service have developed a range of FREE resources to support families, schools and local authorities in meeting the educational needs of adopted and special guardianship children.

Meeting the needs of adopted and permanently placed children – A guide for school staff‘ covers a range of topics including: what we know about our children in education, a background to early developmental trauma, whole school approaches, and support for schools and families.