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Mental Health

Mental Health

This course focuses on the difficult topic of mental health. It equips you and your team with the core skills of identifying warning signs and symptoms of mental health difficulties in both staff and service users. 

The course is suitable for both adult and children's care settings and can be adapted to meet the needs of the setting.

Introduction to mental health

  • Quiz
  • Definition – What is mental health?
  • Mental health needs – Conduct disorders, anxiety, depression, attachment disorders, eating disorders, substance misuse, self-harm

Session 2: A whole settings approach to supporting mental health needs

  • Understanding the roots of mental health challenges
  • Building character and resilience
  • Creating a healthy setting for staff and service users

Session 3: Practical strategies to help

  • Making positive changes
  • Developing an effective Mental Health Policy
  • Strategies and resources to support staff

Course costs (online or in person)

Full day training:

£800 for 4 - 25 people, £1050 for 25 - 50 people, £1300 for 50 - 75 people.

Half day training:

£350 for for 4 - 25 people, £600 for 25 - 50 people, £850 for 50 - 75 people.

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