Motivating Resistant, Reluctant Gifted Learners – Diane Heacox


Challenging Education Conference Speaker Biography:

Dr. Diane Heacox is a consultant and professional learning facilitator focusing on strategies to increase learning success for all students. She is Professor Emerita at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota USA. She is a national and international consultant and professional learning facilitator to public, private and international schools on a variety of topics related to teaching and learning. Dr. Heacox has taught at both elementary and secondary school levels and has served as a gifted education teacher and administrator, as well as an instructional specialist in public education in America. She serves on the Gifted Education Advisory Board for the Minnesota Department of Education and is active in state and international gifted education organizations. Dr. Heacox is also the author of four books, two of which are national book award winners in America.

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Workshop – Motivating Resistant, Reluctant Gifted Learners

Not all gifted learners are productive students. Not all are high performers who eagerly engage in learning tasks. Some gifted students establish a perplexing pattern of doing well or doing nothing. Some are under-learning held back by the school’s curriculum. Even when personalized learning opportunities are offered, these students may continue to do minimum. Collaboratively, we will consider what characterizes gifted learners who refuse to play the school game. We explore well documented research on underlying causes of low performance and distinctions between non-producers, selective producers and underachievers amongst gifted populations. Using case studies, we engage in a step by step process proven successful on diagnosing and addressing specific performance issues of students. Take away a deeper understanding of underachieving gifted students, factors related to under-learning and a process for increasing their engagement in and commitment to learning.

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