Limiting exclusion – Laurie Cornwell

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Challenging Education Conference Speaker Biography:

Laurie Cornwell has worked in a secondary comprehensive mainstream school for many years as a PE teacher. For 8 years Laurie has been headteacher of an alternative provision for students who cannot attend school for a variety of reasons: predominantly permanent exclusion. In the last 4 years Laurie has been executive principle of the same alternative provision and an ever growing secondary special school for students with social, emotional and mental health difficulties under the Orchard Hill College and Academy Trust. Laurie is passionate about the education of young people and firmly believes that all young people can achieve their life goals given the right education and support. Laurie is a champion of the restorative and reflective approach believing that punitive methods to deal with behaviour further traumatises children and stymies their progress and development.

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Limiting Exclusions – Key Note

What if you had a problem and didn’t quite know how to express it and was told to go away and come back in a couple of days or, worse still, to go away and never come back?

We all want to avoid exclusion for our students but how many of us are really trying to get to the root of the problem rather than compound it? Although time consuming and not necessarily an instant progress booster there are other ways to work with and support those students who are on the edge of exclusion.

Limiting exclusion, or any type of negative behaviour, really is a two way street. You have to be prepared, and learn how, to listen and the student needs to learn how to express themselves in a way that can be heard. Trust me, the message is often a valid and important one but often gets lost in a tirade of abuse and of eardrum bursting volume.

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