Learning Intelligence – Kevin Hewitson



Challenging Education Speaker Biography:

Kevin Hewitson has been an Assistant Head Teacher responsible for assessment, teaching and learning and Gifted and Talented. His aim has always been to engage and challenge both higher performing learners and those who see learning as a challenge. Kevin is the creator of a concept he refers to as ‘Learning Quotient’ which focuses on our ability to manage and understand our learning environment.  Kevin has written for a number of online publishers including “Teachers Toolkit” and “UKEdChat” and is now writing “Understanding and Managing Learning needs”, his first book for teachers.

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Learning Intelligence – Workshop:

We look at learning as a ‘top-down model’ and our systems are structured to support this approach. In doing so we expect certain behaviours from the learners, we seek their compliance so that our model will work.  As a result, students learn to match their expectations with ours but what happens when the model does not ‘work’ for some learners?

My workshop introduces the concept of “Learning Intelligence” or “LQ” as a way of enabling all learners to manage their own learning environment to meet their learning needs. At the heart of LQ  is an understanding that learning is a problem-solving activity on the part of the learner. It is an activity with many possible solutions that require an understanding of the impact of the environment on our emotional state and therefore our ability to learn. Together we will explore the link between behaviour and the learning environment and look at the symptoms that express themselves when all is not well.

The challenge I will present you with is how to develop the LQ approach within our educational model so that all learners achieve their potential.

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