Differentiating Process – Tracy Inman


Challenging Education Conference Speaker Biography:

Tracy Inman, Ed.D., is associate director of The Center for Gifted Studies at Western Kentucky University in the United States and active on the state, national, and international levels in gifted education. Tracy has co-authored/edited six books focusing on differentiation, parenting gifted children, and product development, winning Legacy Book Awards from the Texas Association for Gifted and Talented for four of the books. A past-president of her state gifted association, she currently serves on the national boards of The Association for the Gifted and the National Association for Gifted Children. Having taught English at the high school and collegiate levels as well as in summer programs for gifted and talented youth, Tracy focuses her work on practical application of research-based strategies.

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Differentiating Process: Tiering with Bloom’s Taxonomy

Many educators incorporate Bloom (or another taxonomy that describes levels of thinking complexity) as they differentiate for diverse learners. Unfortunately, many of these well-meaning educators misuse it – thinking they are providing appropriate challenge, when, in reality, they are not. In fact, teacher polls indicate that very few teachers feel comfortable and competent when trying to differentiate especially for gifted students. Educators must make fundamental changes to traditional classrooms if they are to be effectively differentiated.  An innovative approach to something most teachers have already studied, Bloom’s Taxonomy can serve as impetus for this transformation.  Numerous examples from multiple contents and grade levels will serve as stimuli in this presentation. Through a workshop setting, participants will explore Bloom as a vehicle for tiering assignments as they differentiate process. A preassessment will provide a reality check for participants as they realize the importance of using a Bloom lens as they develop learning experiences. Through student examples, hands-on and minds-on practice, and creation of a lesson, participants will build confidence in their abilities to appropriately differentiate process via Bloom in their classrooms.

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