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Julie is the Chief Executive of Potential Plus UK, an educational charity that helps parents and teachers to understand and meet the needs of high potential learners.  After graduating from university in German and Business Studies she gained her Diploma in Marketing and worked for a multi-national company in Hamburg and then Milton Keynes. On her return to work following a career break to raise the family, Julie opted to change direction, going on to join Potential Plus UK in 2005.
Since then much of Julie’s work has been in schools, running activities for high potential learners, training teachers on strategies for challenge in the classroom, and delivering practical workshops for parents.
As well as speaking regularly at UK conferences to support high potential learners, Julie has presented at numerous World Conferences for Gifted and Talented Children, as well as at ECHA (European Council for High Ability) and for Global and Gifted.
Julie is currently Chair of the charity North West Gifted and Talented, and Development Governor for a local primary school.

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All children are individuals and present their parents and carers with a wide range of joys, frustrations, surprises and concerns. Gifted children are no different in this. It’s just that the joys, frustrations, surprises and concerns are often different. To quote a father contemplating his parenting challenge: “Having a gifted child is like being given the most powerful computer ….but no manual. You are afraid that you might break it or get it working all wrong.”
Julie will explain why Potential Plus UK uses the term ‘high learning potential’ and will introduce delegates to some of the children the organisation works with. She will share the challenges faced by their parents in their desire to find not only an appropriate education for their child, but also to ensure there is a meaningful social context, as well as opportunities for their emotional development. Needless to say, this isn’t always easy. But if parents and teachers can work together positively, they can contribute hugely not only to the education of the child, but also to their well-being.
This keynote will be a brief journey with parents in their endeavour to raise happy, resilient, curious children, who are able to go out into the world with confidence.

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