Mental Health – small steps to a healthier school

This course focuses on the difficult topic of mental health in schools and how schools can adopt a whole school approach helping our children with mental health difficulties and keeping everyone (including staff) healthy.

The course is suitable for both mainstream and specialist settings and has a primary and secondary version of the training available. It also can be adapted and bespoke to schools’ needs. Modules covered include:

Introduction to mental health

  • Quiz
  • Definition – What is mental health?
  • Mental health needs – Conduct disorders, anxiety, depression, attachment disorders, eating disorders, substance misuse, self-harm
  • SEND and Mental Health

Session 2: A whole school approach to supporting mental health needs

  • Understanding emotional literacy
  • Building character and resilience
  • Working with parents and families
  • Creating a healthy school team (adults and children)

Session 3: Developing a mentally healthy school

  • Making positive changes
  • Developing an effective Mental Health Policy
  • Strategies and resources to support staff

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